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It is equally within an employers rights to search

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Unformatted text preview: urprising staying power and remain searchable, creating a need for professional “web scrubbers.” In Canada, labour law protects job-seekers from employers asking for personal information, including social media passwords. Applicants approached for this kind of information have the right to refuse. It is equally within an employer’s rights to search for employee information that has not been properly locked.15 Social media have the unexpected disadvantage of making it harder for organizations to control their message and conversations about their product or activities. Social media platforms not only function as channels for positive, business-enhancing communication, but also carry risks for impression management and reputation, especially when disgruntled customers or employees, through comments, have easy means to voice complaints in a way that can influence public opinion against an organization or its products and services. Likewise, a failed social media campaign or one that has caused a backlash is hard to eradicate, even when controversial, misleading, or offensive product ads have been t...
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