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Social networks have changed the way businesses

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Unformatted text preview: he cost of advertising. Nonprofits and charities likewise use social media sites to publicize their missions and to seek donations and volunteers as part of integrated fundraising campaigns. Social networks have changed the way businesses interact online, transforming “customers” and the general public into “fans.” Facebook, a giant among social networking sites, offers businesses the benefits of “word-of-mouth” marketing through four basic steps based on the same “liking,” “commenting,” and “friending” principles that apply to its personal profiles and online socializing: building a page, connecting with people, engaging the audience, and influencing friends of fans. Of similar relevance to business, LinkedIn is a popular social network for professionals; its Canadian user-base grew to more than 3 million in 2011.13 This site’s primary purpose is to link professionals to each other and to organizations. Businesses that use Facebook effectively adopt a series of best practices. Consider the following wh...
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