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The next few pages provide an overview of four kinds

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Unformatted text preview: nes with the right degree of flexibility as well as the ability to reach the broadest user-base with the likeliest interest in the product or service. The next few pages provide an overview of four kinds of social media and their relevance and use in business and professional activities: blogging, social networking, micro-blogging, and photo/video sharing. 900630_15_appC.indd 900630_15_appC.indd 493 12-12-04 4:14 PM 494 COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS BLOGS Blogging is the earliest form of social media.7 A blog is a special kind of website, usually managed by one person, with date-stamped entries in reverse chronological order. A blog typically represents one topical and timely content area or takes the form of a personal diary. It allows for more social interaction, engagement, and feedback than static Web 1.0 technologies through the posting of visitor comments in response to the blog entries. Blogging for Business From leading-edge blogging applications such as WordPress (2003) to more recent blogging websites such as Tumblr (2007), the blog concept has carried over to companies that use their own blogging applications for keeping employee...
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