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There are three key areas of social media that

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Unformatted text preview: 497 12-12-04 4:14 PM 498 COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS The Downside of Social Media There is a good deal of euphoria and enthusiasm surrounding the use of social media, but that does not necessarily cancel out the problems associated with these platforms and applications. There are three key areas of social media that employers struggle with: 1. Time theft 2. Malicious or damaging employee comments made about employers 3. Leaks of confidential information14 Social networking is a powerful and popular tool, but it can also be a great time waster, with social media addictions sometimes cutting into work hours. The need to communicate and to stay connected can be overpowering. The fear of missing out by not remaining online can be detrimental to workflow and productivity. Employees used to sharing details of their personal lives through Facebook or Twitter posts may not understand the potential employment consequences of using social media to express beliefs and views about their work lives, especially when those views have the potential to expose their businesses to harm or risk. There may well be truth t...
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