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Networking site and business directory reddit user

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Unformatted text preview: networking site (gradually declining in popularity) Pinterest Online content-sharing service for organizing and sharing photos and videos that users love, with standard social networking features Qapacity Business-oriented social networking site and business directory Reddit User-generated news links Talkbiznow Web-based business community providing business services for small businesses and professionals Twitter Micro-blogging service Yammer Social networking service for office colleagues Yelp Site for reviewing and discussing local businesses Different generations use social media in different ways. The digital divide between digital natives (those born after 1968 who grew up using online technologies) and digital immigrants (those born before 1968 who have had to adapt in learning these technologies) in part explains why some platforms are more popular than others among certain age groups. MICRO-BLOGGING Micro-blogs, such as Twitter, allow users to send out short text-like bursts of information to a community of followers in real time. Twitter combines this...
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