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an experiment bring people to the lab and induce a

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Unformatted text preview: on?): An experiment. Bring people to the lab, and induce a high or low sense of self-conceptual selfuncertainty (use Hogg’s methods) Provide examples of several CTs, and note the the percentages of people at UCSB and SBCC who think there is some truth to the theory (i.e., make it up) How to approach the questions 1. Think about a phenomenon 2. Make a “guess” (i.e., find a hypothesis, or theory that can work) 3. Figure out the consequence of the guess Fi th th (i.e., make a prediction) 4. Explain how you would test the prediction When giving people the CTs, ask people to rate how likely they would be to pass each CT on to friends at UCSB (1 = not at all; 7 = very) Writing your response P3: Make a prediction: Four paragraphs get you 100% 100% P1: Describe/define the phenomenon Cite the person(s) who discovered it where applicable Explain (very clearly) what you are trying to explain (and circumscribe your answer where necessary) P2: Outline your assumptions underpinning your ‘guess’, and give evidence that the assumptions are sensible. This will probably be someone else’s theory. Restrict this to one prediction Prediction generation is LOGICAL. The prediction follows from your theory P4: Describe a study (experiment or survey) that would test your prediction If an experiment: what would be manipulated, and how? What would be measured, and how? References. A good answer will probably have 2-3 2references. These should be in APA format, and appear on page 3. VIDEO on SCIENCE My assumptions for this assessment 1. It is YOUR JOB to think of YOUR OWN PREDICTION, but not hypothesis or theory. Use the Feynman process to think about phenomena. 2. Struggle (at least a little) with interesting ideas, don’t just replicate other people’s work. 5...
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