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This study will take place in class choose any three

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Unformatted text preview: udy will take place in class. Choose any three questions. You can answer the questions before OR after the lecture they are associated with. Use the readings to make a START on these questions. Read further if you plan to do well. Question 1. Why are people prejudiced? Question 2. The linguistic intergroup bias is the finding that more abstract language is used to describe positive ingroup and negative outgroup actions than negative ingroup and positive outgroup actions. When and why might this effect be reversed? Question 3: Self-categorization theory predicts that people are Selfinfluenced by prototypes—they conform to the ingroup prototypes— prototype. But, it appears that sometimes people try to go beyond ingroup prototypes and hyper-conform. Why? hyper- 2 9/30/2013 Question 4: What causes some stereotypes to be highly communicable, and others not so much? Question 5: It appears that political conservatives are more likely to use integratively simple language than liberals. Why? Question 6: Conservatives often claim that there is a liberal media bias. Liberals often claim that there is a conservative media bias. This even happens when these people view the same information. Why? Question 9: Sometimes, women who use tentative language with men are more influential than women who use assertive language. Why? Question 10: What causes conspiracy theories to form or spread? Have a question you would prefer to work on? Run it by me or my TA for the go ahead. You can turn in questions earlier if you like. Question Question 7: Pluralistic ignorance is a circumstance where the majority of people privately do not subscribe to a group norm, yet everyone believes that there is widespread support for the norm. Why? Question 8: Why do people form status hierarchies? What your answer should look like 1. No more than 2 pages (I will deduct 1% for each word I find on page 3); 2. Double spacing, 1 inch borders, 12-point times 12roman font (5% off for non-conformity) non3. Write qu...
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