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L3 Prejudice & Discrimination

Define prejudice discrimination ingroupoutgroup

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Unformatted text preview: ejudice, discrimination, ingroup/outgroup biases. Legitimacy of white “supremacy” (i.e., status) Stability of white status? Permeability of boundaries? 2) Wh 2). What forms do prejudice and discrimination discrimination take? 3). What explains why people are prejudiced and why they discriminate? Research Proposal? Ethnophaulisms— Ethnophaulisms—see Mullen in readings “Wet back”, “grease ball”, “mick”. . . Why are people prejudiced? Why do people discriminate? What makes these things possible? Vary in complexity and valence for Vary in complexity and valence for different different groups How would you use SIT to predict the degree of complexity and valence at any given time? 6...
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