L3 Prejudice & Discrimination

Why do people discriminate what makes these things

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Unformatted text preview: o people discriminate? What makes these things possible? Authoritarian personality Social dominance theory System justification theory Interdependence theory Culture 2 Lecture Aims—You should get Aims— answers to these questions: Definitions Prejudice: Unfavorable attitudes towards a social group and its members 1). Define prejudice, discrimination, ingroup favoritism; outgroup favoritism 2). What forms do prejudice and discrimination take? 3). According to SIT, what explains why people are prejudiced and why they discriminate? Discrimination: The behavioral expression of prejudice prejudice Ingroup favoritism: Behavior that favors one’s own group over other groups Outgroup favoritism: Behavior that favors an outgroup over one’s ingroup. SIT in a Nut Shell Examples People desire positive social identity. Subordinate Group Dominant Group ___________________________________________________________________ Social Mobility: French Canada, 1950s Tokenism Social Creativity: Democrat donkey Positive social identity derives from group status. Aristocratic language Social Competition: Terrorism Lynch Mobs ___________________________________________________________________ The striving for positive identity is directed and The striving for positive identity is directed and constrained constrained by beliefs about group status. This prod...
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