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when our prophet is attacked when the very basis of

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Unformatted text preview: ur Prophet is attacked, when the very basis of how we see ourselves is attacked—we see ourselves as followers of the Prophet Abraham, the attacked— Prophet Moses, the Prophet Jesus, the Prophet Muhammad, all respected equally, all revered equally—and when those individuals are attacked, or when God is equally— attacked, then we feel that our very identity, the very core of our beliefs are under assault, and the only thing we can do in response is to speak out for our rights. Conclusion ISE is not driven by group membership, per se, but by the degree to which the critic is invested in the group; Outgroup critics can get away with criticising the group by using inclusive language (for superordinate category) Answers to Questions 1). What is the intergroup sensitivity effect? 2). Why does the ISE occur? 3). 3). Might the ISE contribute to negative intergroup relations. If so, how? 5...
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