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Mathmath science students exposed to criticism from

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Unformatted text preview: e students exposed to criticism from either ingroup member or a social-science student. socialUse negative statements only: Too conformist Weak sense of social conscience Too arrogant. Measured: Personality evaluations Sensitivity (comments were threatening, disappointing, irritating, offensive, insulting, hypocritical, judgmental, arrogant) Agreement Constructiveness (to what extent were comments) Legitimacy (well informed, right, qualified) Conclusions (so far) Group Membership of Critic Sensitivity People become defensive when outgroup members say negative things about the ingroup, but not so much when an ingroup member says the same things. Legitimacy Constructive Group membership cues people in to the motives of the critic—ingroup critics critic— assumed to be more constructive and legitimate than outgroup critics. 3 Is the ISE Ubiquitous...
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