political differences salient in recent times the

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Unformatted text preview: differences between Republicans and Democrats have become highly polarized. Many of the issues discussed in the media are seen very discussed in the media are seen very differently differently by Republicans and Democrats. In this context, it is important to guage people’s views of the media. American Identity Salient With increasing globalization, it has become apparent that the media differs across countries and cultures. Al Jazira has become the voice for much of the has become the voice for much of the Arab Arab world, both within the United States, and in the Middle-East. Given these Middlechanges, it is important to guage people’s views of the news media in the United States. 2 Cohen (2003) Percent Comments Favor Selected people very much in favor of Democrats and Republicans Reps. America Presented policies on welfare Control Generous vs. Stringent Political party Attributed the policy to: Supported by 95% house Democrats (and 10% of Republicans) Vs. Supported by 95% house Republicans. . . Dems Reps Generous Generous Policy The “generous policy” version offered almost $800 per month to a family with one child, an extra $200 for every additional child, full medical insurance, $2,000 in food stamps, extra subsidies for housing and day care, a job training program, and 2 years of paid tuition at a community college. While it limited benefits to 8 years, it guaranteed a job after benefits ended, and it reinstated aid if the family had another child. Stringent Policy The “stringent policy” versionprovided only $250 per month and $50 for each additional child. It offered only partial medical insurance, and imposed lif...
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