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Unformatted text preview: Generous Republican Source Stringent 1 Democrat Republican Participants What really affects opinion is group membership (what they said doesn't matter) Rep agree with Rep, and Dem agree with Dem. Shows rather dramatically that ppl are blissfully unaware of what it is that actually predicts their attitude, and their attitude is actually predicted by their loyalties (group membership) While ppl are unable to see the effect of what's causing their own behav, they can readily see it in others. 3 Reid (2012) Reid (2012) Study 2 What What if the media in question is already biased? biased? Source effect (ingroup vs. outgroup) vs. Measure perceived bias If theory is right, presumably override perception of bias so long as source of info is ingroup the more partisan you are towards ingroup, the less you'd think the info is biased? Bias in Percent Favor of Repub. Source Repub. Remarks Favoring Republicans Dem. Source Bias in the more Dem someone is the more someone perceives bias (as long as written by outgroup member) --- seen in this large schism Repub. Source Dem. Source Favor of Dems. Extent of partisanship & the condition effects % to which you perceive bias Conclusion HMB HMB associated with identification and intergroup intergroup conflict HMB driven by cognitive differentiation diff There There is now evidence for a SCT explanation, but many other predictions could be tested. . . 4...
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