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Unformatted text preview: redorder. . Political Differences Salient In In recent times the differences between Republicans and Democrats have become highly polarized. Many of the issues discussed in the media are seen very discussed in the media are seen very differently by Republicans and Democrats. In this context, it is important to guage people’s people’s views of the media. activated ID by bringing up 2 groups If SCT is correct, what are some predictions you can make about HMB? Key things about SCT: -meaning maximizers, -categorize ourselves into groups, -have avail to us a lot of IDs and depending on context and what ID is triggered, that effects our perceptions of world. Bring ppl into lab induce specific social ID, make group membership salient. Ex. politics, being Dem or Rep is what matters -- necessary condition to produce effect, make the political ID highly salient and you should see HME American Identity Salient With With increasing globalization, it has become apparent that the media differs across countries and cultures. Al Jazira has become the voice for much of the has become the voice for much of the Arab world, both within the United States, and and in the Middle-East. Given these Middle-East. changes, it is important to guage people’s views of the news media in the United States. States. 2nd condition, triggers different ID 2 SCT: How do ppl form perceptions of the world? Ppl form ingroups and agree with others who they define as similar to themselves. Search for agreement w/ppl who are identified as ingroup members. Information is 2ndary. Political policy statements = content manipulated in particular way. ex. Welfare policy "very generous" (Dem party) vs "very stringent" (Rep) - so what would effect their agreement with the policy? (one would assume one's political philosophy & that info should count in this case) Policy attributed either to Dem or Rep support (See below) 3rd condition: Control. ask question w/o any prior information. Cohen (2003) Percent Comments Favor Selected Selected people very much in favor of Democrats Democrats and Republicans Reps. America Presented policies on welfare Control Generous Generous vs. String...
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