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33 q2 704 segregation personally i have no problem

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Unformatted text preview: .33, Q2 = 7.04 Segregation: "Personally I have no problem w/this policy, but lots of ppl around here do" Frat pledges: "I don't think he should be in our frat" --- why? Individual didn't have a problem with the pledge but thought others in the fraternity would have a problem Many many examples Mechanisms: fit process ---> prototypes ---> how closely does an individual "fit" / high or low prototypicality? Works for both sexes but effect is bigger for females. Both perceive diff to group norm as a whole though females are more uncomfortable. Measure Women Self 4.68 M student__F____ 7.07 51.95 Men 6.03 7.00 10.35 ___________________________________ Study Study 2: adds Friends as a second comparison other. Friends comfort between between self and average student. Study 2 is remarkably similar to Study 1. Add Friend as 3rd comparison group. Get same effect but friends end up in the middle. Still see friends personally less comfortable than they see thei...
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