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Conclusion conclusion abrams et al norm norm

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Unformatted text preview: . Conclusion Conclusion Abrams et al. Norm Norm formation and referent informational influence: influence: People People believe the illusion is real, and expect to agree with those categorized as expect to agree with those categorized as similar similar What does this mean for pluralistic ignorance Subjects are forming a norm about how far the pt of light is moving in a way that makes them distinctively diff from the confederates. the more they see groups the more different... They're forming a norm based on the context of the situation. The group norm is NOT the avg, the group norm is the prototype. PPL look to ingroup members (referent info influence) - rely on prototypes to create norms. What does this mean for pluralistic ignorance? - norm forming through referent information influence. the more salient the group ID is the more distinctive the norm will end up. - ex UCSB rep for drinking. UCSB id is salient? Look for prototype -- position that best defines UCSB in comparison to other group...
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