Findings remarkable because the norm is for everyone

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Unformatted text preview: r circle of friends... Findings remarkable because the norm is for everyone to drink (assumption 1) & that opinions on this ought to coincide with the norm (assumption 2). The norm ought to equal the avg of everyone's personal opinions? The average opinion shouldn't coincide with the norm because the norm is based on the prototype and the prototype is based on what BEST distinguishes that group from the others. The norm is MORE extreme than the average opinion/attitude/etc . The more salient group ID psychologically, when they perceived the norm, then norm because more extreme than the average positions. Social Norms Regularities Regularities in attitudes and behavior that characterize a social group and differentiate it from from other social groups Norms, prototypes and salience Where do norms come from? HI Auto-kinetic effect. Stationary light in darkness ---> light starts to move? Binocular vision --> with 2 eyes we can build a 3D rep...
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