Initially they differ but over trials they converge

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Unformatted text preview: ps. Initially, they differ; but over trials, they converge Sherif study. How much is the light moving? Informational Influence = look to others for info. People state their opinions aloud they'll converge over time (norm). Don't stick with initial estimates, go with what others say which starts affecting how they perceive the movement. Alternative from SCT - ppl look to others for info to figure out how the social world works (form norms etc) HOWEVER, this process of est reality is fundamentally a group process (not indiv process) & as such we look to the INGROUP to form our norm(s) Abrams et al. Abrams et al. 25 trials, people called out their estimate Confederates yoked to subjects: 1-4/21-4/25/35/3-6 Control condition: no mention of groups Categorized: H & J groups (random) Confederates Confederates add 5cm to the estimates of subjects, subjects, and stay in range of 7-11cm 7-11cm after. after. Grouped: Grouped: Categorization followed by 1 minute minute session of boggle. This happens in 1 of 3 conditions (control, explicit and reinforced) On avg confedereates say it moved further than subj (as instructed) Abrams Abrams et al...
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