G ucsb to render their judgment reid et al study 3

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Unformatted text preview: gment Reid et al. Study 3 Measure prototypicality of UCSB students Low vs. high threat conditions Measure comfort with drinking Reid et al. (2010) Study 5 Comfort with Drinking Alcohol Comfort with Drinking Alcohol Reid et Reid et a., Study 3 Study Low prototypicality ppl go up, become closer to the norm when ID as UCSB student is threatened When ID is threatened, low proto ppl go closer to the norm 3 UCSB compared to Stanford - similarity to UCSB vs similarity to Stanford. If you say you're like Stanford you're saying "I study more than parties" and vis versa. High Prototy UCSB are HIGH drinkers in the context UCSB vs Chico State - very similar to UCSB saying "I'm not that much into drinking" (Depends on the context) High prototyp. UCSB students are LOW drinkers in this context i.e. Prototypicality is not fixed. Dependent on the context. Compare to Stanford same effect as prev study (big pluralistic ignorance effect). Contrast with Chico State, the graph flips in the other direction. Students who are hi...
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