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Lecture 11 language and power

Silence must be observed during library hours 2 i am

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Unformatted text preview: ury Truncation: 1. Silence must be observed during library hours 2. I am a librarian, and it’s my duty to require you, a user of this library, to observe silence when you are here. Permutation: 3. Employers always quarrel with unions 4. Unions always quarrel with employers (4) Student drawings of men and women Passive voice: 5. Labor Department barred immigrant worker from subsidized jobs. 6. Immigrants’ job applications failed to satisfy criteria Generalization: 7. I punched a student 8. I hurt a student 9. I am an aggressive person Passive Voice Effects: Henley, Miller, & Beazley (1995) Mock news reports: Rape, battering, robbery, murder Active vs. passive voice versions vs passive voice versions Are attributions of harm and responsibility to reports of rape affected by active vs passive voice? Language Routinizes Power “One small step for [a] man. . . One giant leap for mankind” Use of ‘she’ to describe things men “control”: of she to describe things men control The nation/aircraft/ships/cars/guitars Use of ‘she’ to describe things men can’t control, but which have an irrational/chaotic character: “She’s a hell of a storm” “She’s about to blow” (the ships boiler) 3 Andocentric coding of man and his Man, he, his often used to refer to both sexes he his Feminists have argued that this places women in a secondary position to men, and renders them invisible in language, thus contributing to se...
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