Lecture 11 language and power

Of the source informational power based on receivers

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Unformatted text preview: petence etc. of the source Informational power: Based on receivers belief that the source has more information The power behind Language: Language reveals power Language reflects power The power of language: Language creates power Language depoliticizes (conceals) power Language routinizes (naturalizes) power 1 Language Reflects Power Power behind language Social identity theory & self-categorization selftheory Language and the fluctuations of the th fl th social status of its speakers Power of language Powerless language (Carli et al. research) Language Reveals Power Language can be used to signal intent— intent— Compare this to someone who is meek or depressed Speaking Turns and Hierarchy Formation in Groups Language Creates Power Bales (1970): Who speaks how much and to whom in the group is a ‘brute fact’ characterizing the actual present situation. Speaking takes up time. When one member speaks, it takes time and attention attention from all other members of the group, some of whom may want to speak...
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