Bill cosby advertised jell o surprisingly 30 yrs

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Unformatted text preview: traction to, respect for the source ex. Bill Cosby advertised Jell-o, surprisingly 30 yrs later ppl still know this Expert power: Based on receivers belief in the Based knowledge, k can induce ppl competence etc. of the source ex. younowledge,to do something by having expertise on the topic Based Informational power: Based on receivers belief that the the source has more information (added after the first 5) induce someone to do something because they have information on the topic, ex. Police informant Idea taken up and developed by French and Raven. . . (i.e., what those forces are) Language and Power French & Raven 6 bases=power behind language ex. robbing a diner with a gun, the language isn't that important...the gun is what's important here. (coercive power) Language reveals power - meeting someone for first time, no knowledge of who they are, but then lang might reveal who they are who they know etc. ("Do you know who you're screwing with?) Lang reflects power - power ebbs and flows, not constant, presumably something about lang/comm could reflect and tell the world where you are in the hierarchy The power behind Language: Language reveals power Language reflects power The power of language: Language creates power Language depoliticizes (conceals) power Language routinizes (naturalizes) power Lang = coplayer in power, creates power, depending on how you use it might be able to convince ppl you should have more power, etc. (get promoted, etc) Lang depoliticizes/conceals acts of power. Power is about negative soc interdependence. That being the case, much of the time ppl are going to want to conceal acts of power.You can use lang in ways that downplay how responsible you are for an act ("pull the wool over peoples'eyes") Lang routinizes/na...
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