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He cares about ppl who are interested in power

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Unformatted text preview: stantly craving power. He cares about ppl who are interested in power - leaders, kings, etc.., not every day regular normal ppl). Power = insatiable, cannot satisfy the motivation. - we can expect to see competition over power because it cannot be sated Russell argued that def of power is rather easy, purpose in his definition was intended effects, i.e., an exercise of power wouldn't be an exercise of power if something happened but it wasn't intended. Doing something that you're strategically aiming for; power is strategic; "how can I get what I want?" (intentions) then finding ways to do it... French & Raven (1958) Lewin - applied physics thinking to humans, human (inducer) trying to impose forcers on inducee, overcomes resistance of inducee = power (building on prev definitions) Extended thru French & Raven taxonomy of power. Combines all of the factors: -insatiable search for power, ceases only in death -intended acts only power when it has intended effect(s) ... What could you marshall to do that? 6 forces of power. As someone who is trying to engage in an act of power, what could you use to try and do that? Don't actually have to like the person for them to have referent power, you might despise them. Ex. Political despot, the despot is a big fan of reminding everyone of what a wonderful guy they are.... Legitimate power: Power is based on mandate Power (‘positional (‘positional power’) ex. Political Leaders Punishments Coercive power: Punishments or threats can be issued (tyrant) issued ex. Get ppl to do what you want by threatening them o Reward power: Rewards for obedience ffering an inducement favorable to recipient Based Referent power: Based on receivers identification with, with, at...
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