I hurt a student 9 i am an aggressive person passive

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Unformatted text preview: rtment barred immigrant worker worker from subsidized jobs. 6. 6. Immigrants’ job applications failed to satisfy satisfy criteria Generalization: 7. I punched a student 8. I hurt a student 9. I am an aggressive person Passive voice transformations remove the actor from the act. First ex = active sentence. 2nd ex = passive, we know something presumably happened to the immigrants but it sounds like they've not filled in some paperwork at some point for some reason, right? no mention of labour department here Generalization - DAV, IAV and adjective. Choose to use certain level of abstraction because it is your goal to create or deflect negative impression of some person. Language and Masking Truncation: 1. Silence must be observed during library hours 2. 2. I am a librarian, and it’s my duty to require you, a user of of this library, to observe silence when you are here. Permutation: 3. Employers always quarrel with unions 4. Unions always quarrel with employers Truncation: "shhh" / shushing you Truncated form of message ex "silence must be observed during library hours" vs what's really being said permutation - changes attribution you're going to make for who's responsible ex Employers always quarrel with unions (more likely to think employers responsible for the quarrel than the unions) Passive Passive Voice Effects: Henley, Miller, & Beazley Beazley (1995) Mock news reports: Rape, Rape, battering, robbery, murder Active vs passive voice versions Active vs. passive voice versions Are Are attributions of harm and responsibility to reports of rape affected by active vs passive voice? Common strategy - victim blaming "she was asking for it, she was in a crowded bar wearing skimpy clothes" trying to find an excuse for a m...
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