Throughout throughout most of history men have breast

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Unformatted text preview: ed that this places women in a secondary position to men, and renders them invisible in language, thus contributing to sexism invisible in language thus contributing to sexism i.e., when masculine generics are used (Man, his), do do people think of men? “Throughout “Throughout most of history, men have breast-fed breast-fed their their babies.” is it true this form of lang influences how ppl perceive the world? is it really the case that when ppl use masc generics, they're not thinking of women as well as men they're actually really thinking of men? that the lang is indeed biased? Change statements and put men in position (men breastfeeding ex). Don't use masc generics when it comes to things reserved for female actions. Proactive Proactive inhibition: in memory, we get interference when when items are in the same category—e.g., a list category—e.g., of male names. Release from PI occurs when a word falls into a different category— different category—e.g., a female name. If If “man” and “his” are gender neutral, then they would allow release from PI. If they are encoded in the male category, PI will continue (and recall would would be poor) proactive inhibition paradigm - easier to remember things in a different category ex. mike, matthew, scott, john, and jennifer When all items fall into category --> interferences in those categories use this paradigm to see how ppl are encoding these masc masc generics would actually release you from proactive inhibition. if things are actually encoded in masc category you don't get release from PI and memory V for those items Gave Gave word pairs, and asked people to try to remember them. Either Either masculine or feminine: queen/Linda, queen/Linda, nun/Mary, girl/Iris, mum...
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