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Unformatted text preview: turalizes power - socieities are hierarchically organized.Very powerful/rich ppl at the top. Ppl doing well in the hierarchy don't want to advertise that too much b/c the ppl lower down might revolt. Would be useful if there are ways of using lang which make ppl think the power arrangement = perfectly natural "just the way things are" "you need not think about it " -use lang conducive to help one maintain status of power 1 These two things must be self feeding Power begets power The more you get the more you can use it for getting more doesn't happen by itself, needs to be negotiated etc. SO... you might have some power behind language ex you were elected to local political office, motivated to climb hierarchy. University student, campaigning to be associated students rep. Made your way into the hierarchy. Not a huge amount of power, but sitting in meetings with deans invited to functions etc. these are all potentially ppl you could cultivate relationships with when you become the mayor in the future. Now you've managed to use lang to get some power, (legit power) you've now got ability to cultivate relationships which requited you to use power in strategic, subtle way. Now you = mayor, you're using lang in a subtle and strategic way. Now you're the governor of California. SCT - language behind power, hear ppl talk --> categories --> know how to react Language and fluctuations of the social status of its speakers, hear an accent, make a judgment, reflecting a broader social stereotype. Language reflecting social power. powerful & powerless language powerful language = direct statements, reasonable volume, normal rate, no disfluencies powerless lang = more stilted, lower in vol, more disfluencies, more markers of confusion added features make you look powerless Language Reflects Power Power behind language Social Social identity theory & self-categorization self-categorization theory theory Language and the fluctuations of the th fl th s...
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