Research negative interdependence language reveals

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Unformatted text preview: ocial social status of its speakers Power of language Powerless Powerless language (Carli et al. research) negative interdependence Language Reveals Power Language Language can be used to signal intent— intent— Compare this to someone who is meek or depressed depressed Ex. Pulp Fiction diner robbery scene. Doesn't only show that lang reflects power, also contributes to what's happening. The lang and way she delivered it suggests she has a gun, but also she's crazy and unhinged, etc. Not merely reflecting the power, also contributing to creating power. Imagine someone trying to rob you who isn't convincing at all. Speaking Speaking Turns and Hierarchy Formation Formation in Groups Language Creates Power Bales (1970): Who Who speaks how much and to whom in the group is a ‘brute fact’ characterizing the actual present situation. Speaking takes up time. When one member speaks, it takes time and attention from all other members of the group, some of whom may want to speak themselves. To take up time speaking in a small group is to exercise power over the other members for at least the duration of the time taken, Within regardless regardless of the content. . . . Within the small group the time taken by a given member in a given session is practically practically a direct index of the amount of power he [or she] has attempted to exercise in that period (emphasis added). Best predictor of where someone falls in hierarchy isn't content but it how often someone speaks. Language Depoliticizes Power FaceFace-ism: Brooke and Ng (1986) speaking turns and not powerful/powerless language related to to emergence of influence hierarchy Reid & Ng (2000) speaking turns in intergroup intergroup social context—people who context—people...
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