Lecture 13 gender1

Connotations he vs she is a professional bachelor vs

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Unformatted text preview: being unfeminine. Connotations He vs. She “is a professional” Bachelor vs. spinster Old man vs. old woman Sir vs. madam Handsome vs. pretty Mr vs. Mrs (the fair game effect) Things that are under male control, or that are potentially irrational and dangerous get female names: Ships, planes, cars, guitars, hurricanes (until recently) St Stanley (1977): 220 words for a sexually (1977) 220 promiscuous female, but only 20 words for a sexually promiscuous male Names: Shirley, Leslie, Beverley, Evelyn, Sidney Linguistic Sexism “The semantic rule which has been responsible for the manifestation of sexism in the language can be simply stated: there are two fundamental categories, male and minus male. To be linked with with male is to be linked to a range of meanings which are positive and good: to be linked to minus male is to be linked to the absence of those qualities, that is, to be decidedly negative and usually sexually debased” (p. 23). Mr and Mrs George Washington George Why: Raw Power? 2 Dale Spender’s Argument “. . . the English language has been literally man made and . . . it is still primarily under male control. . . . This monopoly over language is one of the means by which males language is one of the means by which males have have ensured their own primacy, and consequently have ensured the invisibility or ‘other’ nature of females, and this primacy is perpetuated while females continue to use, unchanged, the l...
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