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Lecture 13 gender1

P 12 zimmerman west 1975 taped two party conversations

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Unformatted text preview: anguage which we have inherited.” (p. 12). Zimmerman & West (1975) Taped two party conversations around (this) campus, and friends houses Male-Male/Female-Female/Male-Female eeeconversations Measured incidence of interruptions SameSame-Sex Interactions CrossCross-Sex Interactions 1st Speaker 2nd Speaker ----------------------------------------------------------Interruptions 3 4 Males Females ---------------------------------------------------------Interruptions 46 2 Overlaps 9 0 ---------------------------------------------------------- Overlaps 12 10 ----------------------------------------------------------- Zimmerman & West’s Conclusion “. . . just as male dominance is exhibited through male control of macro-institutions macroin society, it is also exhibited through control of at least a part of one micromicroinstitution. . . A challenging task for further research is the specification of conditions under which. . . sex roles become relevant to the conduct of conversationalists and sexsex-linked differences in conversational interaction emerge” MakriMakri-Tsilipakou (1994) Speaker Male Female Recipient M F M F -------------------------------------------------------------Affiliative 111 368 430 439 Disaffiliative 137 369 195 67 --------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Cultural Differences Conclude Makri-Tsilipakou MakriOverall. . . women interrupt as much as men do. John Gray: Men are from Mars, Women are Men from Venus (1) Females do more affiliative interrupting than men; Maltz & Borker (1982): Two cultures (2) Men interrupt females more than males, but the kind of interruption doesn’t matter (3) When females use disaffiliative content they are more likely to direct it at men than wo...
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