Lecture 12 Dominance

But after the issue has been settled each individual

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Unformatted text preview: fighting. But after the issue has been settled, each individual gives way to its superiors with a minimum of hostile exchange” minimum of hostile exchange Explanations? 1. Personality and individual differences 2. Evolved dominance signaling dominance signaling 3. Interpersonal and Group processes Evolution and Dominance Signaling Rapid structuring of status in various species (e.g., Rhesus monkeys, chickens, chimps. . .) Domestication— Domestication—ever saddled a zebra? Observation of status being an organizing principle in all human societies (Murdock, 1968) Rapid status organization in similar other species that does not involve the same th th level of cognition suggested in group process theories Utility of a general explanation Rapid status organization in Bales-type Balesgroups— groups—time critical Dominance hierarchies & survival value Rosa & Mazur (1979) ThreeThree-person same-sex groups sameMeet each member of the pair Control: partition remains in place (i.e.,...
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