Lecture 12 Dominance

Remarks interrupts leans forward points speaks with

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Unformatted text preview: eans forward, points, speaks with raised voice, and asks interrogating questions Neutral confederate avoids these forms Measured bystander intervention Successful Proactive Interruption A: that um makes me quite concerned about how you guys are saying that they shouldn't be in jail and getting counseling and getting jobs and that but and that but I really think that’s what they really think that’s what they need need [like it] P: [but some people] are just unrehabilitatable their just totally unremorseful they don’t give a shit they couldn’t care less what they’ve done H5: Status and Expectations Successful Successful Reactive Interruption A: that’s the main reason why I oppose the death penalty because I just see it as a paradox really that you know your paying the person back whos committed the crime by practicing th the same violence on them as they have practiced on ther P: so what do we do with them then Interruptions Encoded In Reactive Content Proportions of Groups’ Interruptions Interruptions Encoded In Proactive Content 4 Conclusion Strong likelihood for biological origins of dominance behaviors—very likely adaptive behaviors— Humans use subtle cues to arrange status and dominance The process is collective—it involves people collective— collectively agreeing upon the status order 5...
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