Lecture 15 Integrative complexity

yet these victories also confront us with a moment

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Unformatted text preview: t these victories also confront us with a moment of profound change. The collapse of the Soviet empire changed the international order. The emerging economic powerhouses of the Pacific are changing the financial order. The proliferation of demonic weapons threatens to proliferation of demonic weapons threatens to change change the distribution of military power. Resurgent ethnic conflict is challenging the very meaning of the nation state. The rise of a global economy has changed the linkages between our domestic and foreign policies and made them indivisible. . . Clinton Clinton on NATO bombing of Yugoslavia If President Milosevic will not make peace, we will limit his ability to make war. . . We act to protect thousands of innocent people in Kosovo from a mounting military offensive. . . We act to prevent a wider wider war, to defuse a powder keg at the heart of Europe, that has exploded twice before in this century with catastrophic results. . . His forces have intensified their attacks, burning down Kosovo Albanian villages and murdering civilians. As I sp...
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