Lecture 15 Integrative complexity

Lecture 15 Integrative complexity

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Unformatted text preview: eak, more Serb forces are moving into Kosovo and more people are fleeing their homes. . . Differentiation: “refers to the perception of different dimensions within a stimulus domain, and to the taking of different perspectives when considering the domain”. It is a prerequisite for integration. Integration: “the development of conceptual connections among differentiated dimensions or perspectives” (e.g., trade-offs between tradealternatives, synthesis of perspectives, reference to a higher-order concept that highersubsumes the differences) 1 Example: IC = 1 Integrative Complexity Contingent on: IC= 1: Low differentiation/low integration Accountability and self-presentation self Fatigue, stress, intrapsychic conflict Audience characteristics Group decision making (Groupthink) The political environment Example IC = 3 IC =3: Differentiation, no integration. Recognize the existence of other views, but no attempt to balance differences. While we must review our determination to fill up the deficiencies that yet remain in our armaments and and in our defensive precautions, so that we may be able to defend ourselves and make our diplomacy effective—yes, I am a realist— effective— realist— nevertheless I say with an equal sense of reality that I do see fresh opportunities of approaching this subject of disarmament opening up before us, and I believe that they are at least as hopeful today as they have been at any previous...
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