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Lecture 15 Integrative complexity

Example example ec 7 ic 7 efforts to integrate

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Unformatted text preview: time. Example: Example: EC = 7 IC = 7: Efforts to integrate conflicting perspectives + selfselfreflective commentary on the viability of particular integrative proposals I ask the House of Commons to throw the whole weight of their unprecedented authority behind this attempt to reconcile the British and the Indian point of view and to keep constantly in mind the contradictory considerations which I have th emphasized in this speech, and to help us in finding reconciliation between Indian aspirations and imperial needs, between two points of view, both of which are right, and between two great civilizations, each of which, though it may differ from the other, can claim an ancient existence, a splendid history, and a brilliant future. The success of this historic undertaking hinges on the patience, good will, and understanding of all parties. I am against this surrender to Gandhi. I am against these conversations and agreements between Lord Erwin and Mr. Gandhi. Gandhi stands for the expulsion of Britain from India Gandhi stands for the expulsion of Britain from In...
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