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Lecture 15 Integrative complexity

Gandhi stands for the permanent permanent exclusion

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Unformatted text preview: dia. Gandhi stands for the permanent permanent exclusion of British trade from India. Gandhi stands for the substitution of Brahmin domination for British rule of India. You will never be able to come to terms with Gandhi. You only have to read his latest declarations and compare them with the safeguards for which we are assured the official conservatives will fight to the end, to see how utterly impossible agreement is. Example IC = 5 IC = 5: Presence of both differentiation and integration. The Munich Agreement was an attempt to carry out by discussion between two powers representing democracies and two powers representing totalitarian states an agreed solution of a problem for which the only other solution appeared to be the use of force. Instead of using force, the Agreement has been carried out in an orderly manner. It is quite true that there It th th have been many things which none of us would approve of, which all of us would wish to have done differently—that is differently— quite true, but honorable members should consider that we had to choose between hard alternatives, and when you find fault, as you may justly find fault, with the solution which has in fact been carried out, do not forget what the alternative was and what the effect of the alternative would have been upon Czecho...
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