Lecture 15 Integrative complexity

Influences on levels of ic crisis leadershipeg war

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Unformatted text preview: slovakia. Influences on Levels of IC Crisis leadership—e.g., war leadership— Position in the political spectrum— spectrum— extreme vs. moderate, conservative vs. liberal. Personality 2 Wallace, Suedfeld, & Thachuk (1993) Political rhetoric before, during, after the Gulf war IC reflects coalition building, success, IC ‘stress’, indicates onset of war. . . Political position, hawk vs. dove. (1) Hussein’s IC rises just after the invasion, 1.18 vs. 1.33 (sig. difference) (2) Hussein’s IC increases further after success of invasion, 1.33 vs. 2.20 (sig) (3) Bush’s IC drops from 2.45 before invasion, to extreme low of 1.05 immediately after invasion (sig) (4) Bush’s IC unusual for before attack—IC attack— increases when coalition formed and just before the attack—perhaps reflects confidence attack— in victory Tetlock (1983) Political Position Coded the policy statements of senators Classified, based on voting record, as liberal, moderate, or conservative moderate, or conservative Statistically control for age, education, length of service in senate Dates Saddam Hussein June 28-Aug 1, 1990 28Aug 2*-Aug 9 2*Aug 10-Aug 24 10Aug 25-Sept 24 25Sept 25-Dec 2 25Dec 3*-Dec 31 3*Jan 1-Jan 15, 1991 1Jan 16-Jan 3...
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