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Juodvalkis et al 2003 1 study 1 carli 1990 tentative

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Unformatted text preview: ents, only female. Juodvalkis et al. (2003) 1 Study #1 Carli (1990) Tentative Language use in Mixed-Sex Dyads Mixed- Language use in same-sex and mixed-sex samemixedinteractions Sex Disclaimers Tag Questions Hedges _____________________________________________ Women 7.55 .83 18.59 tentative language: Coded tentative language: Disclaimers: “I’m no expert, but. . .” Hedges: “Drinking and driving are, like, dangerous” like Tag questions: “Capital punishment is wrong, isn’t it?” Men 2.41 .31 12.69 _____________________________________________ I.E., Women use more tentative language than men. The more tentative language women use, the more influential they are with men (no effects other conds) Study #2 Agreement with speaker: Subject Gender Male Female Speaker Male Tentative Assertive 4.13 3.80 ns 4.07 5.20 ns Female Tentative Assertive 5.00 2.93 * 3.13 5.93 Trait Tentative Confident Powerful Competent Intelligent Knowledgeable Speaker Tentative Assertive 7.12 5.90 6.14 8.40 5.55 6.90 6.68 7.88 5.83 7.36 7.95 8.83 * Carli explanation: Explaining Gender Differences in Language & Influence Women use tentative language strategically Men are threatened by assertive women, and as a result they are more likely to be influenced/like tentative (non-threate...
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