Lecture 16 language leader

4 against arabs not rank in file pashtuns platow

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Unformatted text preview: t Arabs not rank in file Pashtuns Platow Platow et al. (1997) You’re a politician, and you know you’re about to loose the next election. . . What do you do? Design: 2 (context: interpersonal/intergroup) Margaret Thatcher: Invade the Falkland Islands Decisions on a case history of a delinquent teenager: teenager: Done individually within cubicles (‘interpersonal’) Done as a group discussion (‘intergroup’) Bush (senior): Invade Kuwait x 2 (leader behavior: fair/unfair) Clinton: Drop bombs on Yugoslavia Howard: Engineer a border crisis Then on computers, and a leader randomly chosen to distribute tasks between two individuals (easy-fun (easytask/difficulttask/difficult-boring task) 2 Results from Platow et al. Leader End o...
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