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Lecture 16 language leader

Top 5 33 5 33 top 20 67 average 0 less than average

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Unformatted text preview: op 5% 33% 5% 33% Top 20% 67% Average 0% Less than average, 0% Who are board of directors? Stock options Publication of CEO rates of pay PowerPower-Identity Model: Leadership Stages Personality or “great man” approach Emergence Situational approach Stabilizing the Leadership Position Combinational approaches Power Differentiation The (potential) Abuse of Power Against Followers 1 Power behind language Power of language Stage 1: Leader Emergence (1) Social context defines ingroup prototypical position (position is influential/socially attractive); (2) People within the group vary in terms of prototypicality; (3) The most prototypical individual is most likely to emerge as leader Stage 2: Stabilizing the Leadership Position PIM: Autocatalytic relations between identity and power mediated by language use (1) Language used to create/maintain prototypicality (2) Prototypical position makes it possible to gain power bases gain power bases (3) Gaining power bases makes it further possible to cont...
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