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Unformatted text preview: raef Crystal: The Language of Leadership many parts of world = military leaders, stage a coup CEO $$$$$$ ca-ching ca- Lecture 16 • Ex. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford - smoked crack/oral sex comments (political abuse of power) • Plenty of jobs in world that give power over group of ppl/org which gives ability to abuse power • What are the circumstances under which someone abuses power & role of communication in these processes? Types of Leadership Theory Personality Personality or “great man” approach • assumption some traits that set leaders apart from other ppl that enables them to be good, effective leaders - turns out difficult to find personality attributes that predict this... Situational Situational approach • leaders = made by circumstances... crisis comes along & someone naturally emerges in that time as a leader. Combinational Combinational approaches • must be some kind of interaction between person & situation. ppl who have attributes that best fit the conte...
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