communicative process that drives movements thru

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Unformatted text preview: ative process that drives movements thru Leadership stages (see prev. slide) • Have to convince ppl (thru comm) that you can be trusted, charismatic... you're leadership material • Assumption this model starts off with emergence, over time you're a leader but other ppl want your position so you have to do things to hold onto position, over time you accrue more and more power, over time more and more diff between you and rest of the group which sets up conditions in your mind to set you apart from them > intergroup difference, necessary condition for abuses of power • Ppl who are closest to prototype are ppl most likely to be liked, perceived as charismatic, influential and leader-like • several ppl who are vying for leadership, they'll use lang to try to create image of selves as prototypical leaders • prototypical = more likely to get elected, which gives more power, which leads to maintaining self in prototypical position • ppl endorse ppl who are prototypical PIM: PIM: Autocatalytic relations between identity and and power mediated by language use Power behind language (1) Language used to create/maintain Language prototypicality prototypicality (2) Prototypical position makes it possible to Prototypical gain power bases gain power bases (3) Gaining power bases makes it further Gaining possible to control the prototypical position: position: (a) gain/maintain support (b) side-line contenders side- Power of language • Karzai - chic? = Pres of Afgha...
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