25 sowing the seeds to abuse power against your own

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Unformatted text preview: fferentiation Unfair Once the leadership position has become Once the leadership position has become entrenched, leaders start to categorize themselves themselves as different from followers 4.32 3.35 3.00 2.00 Power becomes the basis for justifying self-preservation— self-preservation—not group interests 1.00 0.00 Interpersonal Intergroup • intergroup cond, unfair is still below the fair but the number has gone up significantly from interpersonal, when leader starts doing something nasty to outgroup ppl say "yeah I'll endorse you" • a leader who'll give health resources to students over police is actually preferred over a fair leader • ppl tolerant of leader being unfair as long as fairness is direct to ingroup • conflict, not just tolerant but embrace unfairness Stage 4: The Abuse of Power Background Background Conditions Previous Previous examples of stabilization = abuse of power too— too— but but this is the obvious abuse of power against your own people. There is a shift from leadership based on persuasion and and influence, to leadership based on coercion and con...
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