Bush bush senior invade kuwait didnt work for bush

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Unformatted text preview: Clinton: Clinton: Drop bombs on Yugoslavia • problem with Lewinski... Howard: Engineer a border crisis • Aus in straits between there and Indo, started firing shells at boats of civilians trying to flee Afghanistant • "rally around the flag' effect... don't change leadership during time of crisis, doesn't always work but often does Decisions on a case history of a delinquent teenager: teenager: Done Done individually within cubicles (‘interpersonal’) Done Done as a group discussion (‘intergroup’) • interpersonal you know there's other ppl present but you don't interact with them... Then on computers, and a leader randomly chosen to to distribute tasks between two individuals (easy-fun (easy-fun task/difficulttask/difficult-boring task) • easy fun - something flashes on screen, write first word that comes to mind • boring - counting vowels in a word on screen • after that, comp says there's leftover tasks to do and the comp selects a leader who makes decision about how to do remaining tasks. ◦subj 55...
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