There is a shift from leadership based on persuasion

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Unformatted text preview: trol. Necessary Necessary conditions: Much Much discretionary power Differentiation of self from followers (i.e., an ingroup ingroup-outgroup relationship) relationship) Russell Russell (1938) : As As the beliefs and habits which have upheld traditional power decay, it gradually gives way to power based upon some new belief, or to ‘naked’ power, i.e. to the kind that involves no acquiescence on the part of the subject. Such is the power of the butcher over the sheep, of an invading army over a vanquished nation, and of the police over detected conspirators. The power of the Catholic Church over Catholics is traditional, but its power over heretics who are persecuted is naked (p. 57). • How do we get abuse of power? We have necessary conditions (psych diff and lots of power) but there must be a triggering condition... Maner Maner & Mead (2010) Measure dominance motivation Ss Ss do a task, and told that they performed best, and and would be group leader Group performance task on word associations Group performance task on word associations (e.g., (e.g., white, scramble, shell: “egg”) Leader’s could assign clues to these questions, Leader’s but: but: Sta...
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