They learn to shoot on live targets and those targets

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Unformatted text preview: our children and women. We want want them out (BBC news, 2 November, 2001). Distancing himself from the Taliban "Arabs" - redefining the groups (4) Against Arabs not rank in file Pashtuns • Karzai wears various items of clothing that are distinctive of various ethnic tribes -- a patchwork quilt of the country • The ppl who emerge as leaders spend an awful lot of time making up bullshit stories (like Karzai) about how prototypical they are - all nonsense, but as long as the 'followers' believe it, that's all that matters. Done on campus where police and students have history of conflict Platow Platow et al. (1997) Design: Design: 2 (context: interpersonal/intergroup) x 2 (leader behavior: fair/unfair) • one condition ppl make decision as a group & told there's another group they'll be interacting with (intergroup) Margaret Margaret Thatcher: Invade the Falkland Islands • suddenly "Rule Britannia" and Thatcher was back in. Bush Bush (senior): Invade Kuwait • didn't work for Bush...
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