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Contenders side power of language karzai chic pres

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Unformatted text preview: nistan which has major tribes historically at war with each other • Before Karzai became leader, the leadership that had control over the country was the Taliban (fundamentalist religious Muslims). The US invaded and pushed Taliban out into the fringes... someone else has to be leader. When the US had invaded they were aware they needed someone to be potential leader for the country - needed to install someone as "leader" • The Taliban knew the US would try to install Karzai or the other guy - killed the first guy and tried to kill Karzai. Rumsfeld admitted the marines had gone into save the "leader" • Karzai told ppl he 'escaped' didn't say he was 'extracted' ... Stage 1: Leader Emergence (1) Social context defines ingroup Social prototypical position (position is influential/socially influential/socially attractive); ppl vary in prototypicality those most prototyp most likely to be endorsed (2) People within the group vary in terms of People prototypicality; prototypicality; (3) The most prototypical individual is most The likely likely to emerge as leader • prototypicality becomes extremism when you have sharp conflict between groups (ex. how conservative is conservative?) •...
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