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How conservative is conservative decisions to vote

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Unformatted text preview: Decisions to vote based on prototypicality -- ppl figure out what they see as their subjective ingroup and what's going to compete and that's what they vote for • Ppl have biases because they have subj groups they care about, and with that subj group you look for the person that is prototypical of that group Stage 2: Stabilizing the Leadership Position You’re a politician, and you know you’re about to loose loose the next election. . . What do you do? (1) Karzai’s: “escape” vs. “extraction” (2) (2) 10 hours fighting, lived three days of bread and green green tea • how is he going to separate himself from the Taliban who are Pashtuns, when he's a Pashtun? How can he get support from ethnic majority (Pashtuns) when the Taliban = Pashtuns? (3) They have killed Afghans. They have trained They their guns on Afghan lives their guns on Afghan lives. . . These Arabs are in These Arabs are in Afghanistan to learn to shoot. They learn to shoot on live targets and those targets are the Afghan people,...
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