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If someone wants to be leader she really shouldnt be

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Unformatted text preview: ut he also exercises power over him by influencing, shaping or determining his very wants. Indeed, is it not the supreme exercise of power to get another or others to have the desires you want them to have—that have—that is, to secure their compliance by controlling their thoughts and desires? (p. (p. 23). In real world, when ppl = threat to leaders, leaders use force (ex. Tiananmen Square, Churchill & The Blitz - 13k Brits killed by Nazi bombs - Churchill knew that Hitler had said no bombs will fall in Germany-So Churchill dropped bombs on Germans in the middle of Berlin which caused Hitler to bomb London - in theory Churchill wanted him to drop bombs on cities instead of factories) • In each and every single case of Megamurderers (Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc) the majority of those killed are citizens of their own country -- why?? ◦totalitarian governments where leaders have huge amount of power & some perceived threat from followers ◦killing own civilians = one way to maintain control - possible explanation for genocide? 4...
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