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Its not how well the corp is doing that predicts much

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Unformatted text preview: p is doing that predicts - much of the time it's the opposite ◦CEO runs co into the ground but just before that happens they cash in their stocks. Usually on boards of others and vote for each other's salaries Power-Identity Power-Identity Model: Leadership Stages Stages Emergence Emergence = Self Cat Theory Stabilizing Stabilizing the Leadership Position intense competition... SCT explains leader emergence but not the power based politics of all of this Power Power Differentiation • more and more power... eventually leader becomes distinct from the followers (the rest of the group) - intergroup diffs is when we start seeing unpleasantness The (potential) Abuse of Power Against Followers Followers • having power itself is a necessary condition for abuse of power, but not in itself enough to get abuse of power • abuse of power = using power in a way against interests of the grp one is supposed to be leading...when leader is pursuing personal interests at detriment of the group 1 • Power behind lang = more salary > Power of lang = more opportunities to advance > etc., = communic...
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