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Subj 55 leader leader then has decision making problem

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Unformatted text preview: = leader, leader then has decision making problem of how to assign the tasks to the other ppl ◦fair cond - both ppl get half and half (fun and boring), unfair cond = one person gets all the fun and the other gets all the boring ◦when leader is unfair in intergroup cond it's ingroup favoring ‣ do you endorse this person as leader? 2 • one way to maintain position as leader = do nasty things to outgroup members, still not 'abuse of power' • so long as you're an effective leader and in leadership position for long enough you'll get more and more power, etc. over time there's the potential for leaders to keep accruing more and more and more power... leads them to psychologically distances selves from the rest of the group. (me and my cohort vs you my minions) ◦at this stage might start seeing intergroup difference but doesn't mean you've yet abused power Results from Platow et al. 8.00 Leader End o rseme n 7.25 Sowing the seeds to abuse power against your own followers. . . Fair 7.00 5.89 6.00 5.00 4.00 Stage 3: Power Di...
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